Ranking The NCAA Tournament Field 1-68

Kentucky Wildcats

Photo: Twitpic via SlightlyWarped.com

As you fill out your bracket and are trying to pick between teams you’ve never watched, you need one statistic to help you out. That statistic is scoring margin, which is typically a good way to judge how well a team has played.If we take scoring margin a step further, and adjust for strength of schedule, we get Simple Rating System (SRS).

Below is a look at all 68 teams in this year’s tournament ranked by SRS.

  • No surprise, Kentucky is the best team in the country. However, Ohio State, a 2-seed, is a close second.
  • Syracuse is the weakest of the 1-seeds at number six overall.
  • A few teams that may have been seeded too low include 8th seed Memphis (12th overall), 7th seed Florida (13th), 11th seed Texas (23rd), 10th seed Purdue (25th), and 12th seed California (26th).
  • Teams that might be seeded too high include 6th seed Murray State (47th overall), 6th seed San Diego St. (42nd), and 5th seed Temple (41st).
  • The Midwest has the toughest bracket with the 17 teams averaging 12.19. The South is the weakest with the teams averaging 10.90 (West=12.00; East=11.81).
  • According to SRS, Miami (FL) has the biggest gripe with the selection committee. Their 11.59 SRS ranked 39th overall which is considerably higher than at large teams like Iona (8.52) and South Florida (8.65). Arizona (11.17) and Stanford (11.00) also have strong SRSs and are not in the Big Dance.

Here’s the full list (number next to school is seeding; Blue=West, Green=South, Orange=East, Pink=Midwest)…

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