The Highest-Paid Interns In Technology [RANKED]

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Pay shouldn’t really matter when you’re looking for an internship for this upcoming summer — you want the best experience.But it’s really not surprising that some of the most popular software companies among young engineers and developers also pay the best, according to salary data we pulled from GlassDoor.

We’ve assembled a list of the tech companies that pay their software engineering and development interns the best.

Also not surprising: some of these companies aren’t attracting fresh talent right out of college at the level Google does because their pay is terrible by comparison.

(Apple has an excuse to pay less than the rest of the companies because its products are beloved by the industry.)

One note on the calculations: some of the salaries are listed in hours, so we are just assuming a 40-hour work week. We know this isn’t always the case, but it’s the rough assumption we are sticking with.

12. Cisco Systems

Monthly salary: $3,803

Bummer for Cisco Systems here, but really no surprise -- not too many engineers would willingly want to work at a hardware-specific company that doesn't rhyme with Snapple.

11. IBM

Monthly salary: $4,072

IBM also has a really cool research division -- so we'll cut them a break if they let their interns take a look inside while they are working in Armonk over the summer.

10. LinkedIn

Monthly salary: $4,892

Seriously, Jeff Weiner? You have one of the hottest technology companies in the world, and you aren't paying your interns anywhere close to a company like Google or Facebook.

9. Oracle

Monthly salary: $5,080

Even Larry Ellison is paying his interns more than LinkedIn does. But still, his salaries aren't competing with some of the biggest draws for fresh talent out of college.

8. Apple

Monthly salary: $5,510

You pretty much have to give Apple a pass on this one. Who wouldn't want to work at a company whose products are literally changing the world?

7. Amazon

Monthly salary: $5,561

Now we're getting within shouting distance of the highest-paying tech company. Amazon has to hire engineers to keep its site up and running briskly -- literally every second matters.

6. Zynga

Monthly salary: $5,612

For as much as we hear that people don't like working at Zynga, the pay appears to be pretty good.

5. Microsoft

Monthly salary: $5,708

A lot of tech companies in Silicon Valley use Microsoft as a pool for potential candidates. No surprise that Microsoft is able to attract intern talent with the pedigree and the big salary to match it.

4. Yahoo

Monthly salary: $6,035

Since Yahoo is in the midst of a lot of layoffs, they'll have to bring out the checkbook if they want to attract some real talent to the company. It looks like they are doing just that.

3. Facebook

Monthly salary: $6,229

Like Apple, Facebook is building a product that is literally changing the way the world works. Unlike Apple, Facebook pays extremely well.

2. Twitter

Monthly salary: $6,539

Surprise! Still one company to go, and it turns out Twitter pays its software engineering interns extremely well.

It also conveniently has a product that is, again, literally changing the way the world works.

1. Google

Monthly salary: $6,874

This was pretty much expected. Google puts its engineers and developers ahead of everyone else in the company, and interns are no exception. If you want to make a ton of money this summer, go work for Google.

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