RANKED: The cost of a pub meal for two in 40 cities around the world

Adam Berry/Getty Images / File

Deutsche Bank’s annual “Mapping the World’s Prices” report came out late last week, and it’s a treasure trove of price comparisons for a range of different lifestyle items ranging from hotel prices to sneakers and movie tickets.

It’s written with the travelling businessperson and global expat community in mind, and this year the list has been taken over by DB strategist Jim Reid, author of the closely-followed “Early Morning Reid” daily note on global markets.

One of the interesting lists is the cost of a “basic dinner at a neighbourhood pub for two”. As you can see, it comes out about right for Melbourne and Sydney with the costs being around $US40 and $US35 respectively, so in the $50 ballpark: about right for a burger and a couple of beers.

Here’s the full list:

Remind me never to organise a pub meal with anyone in Zurich.

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