RANKED: The Best Carpets At CES

Las Vegas walkBusiness InsiderDid you know that there’s an office complex in the middle of Las Vegas? I saw it TWICE while wandering around, semi-lost.

We’re just about done with CES, the giant electronics trade show in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas isn’t a walking town, but that hasn’t stopped me. Over a three day stretch, I’ve walked 26.6 miles. My legs are sore. My back hurts. I’m tired. 

The vast majority of my walking has come from foolish walks from one end of town to the other. On a map, Las Vegas doesn’t look all that big. But when you’re walking on the streets it seems like it just won’t end.

While walking around the town is where most of my walking is done, I’ve also done a tremendous amount of walking around the convention center going from booth to booth.

Each booth has its own flooring with different levels of cushion and flooring. After taking all those steps, a nice, thick carpet feels great. It takes some of the stress off my body. 

You’re probably wondering, who has the best carpet? Oh, you’re not wondering? Sheesh. Awkward. Well… I’m going to tell you anyway.

Here, ranked from worst to first, is the best flooring of CES’s booths.

5. Hisense

Hisense, a Chinese electronics company, had hardwood floors. They were really quite nice, but had no cushion. They get points for making something nice.

4. House of Marley

It had fake wood. It’s like wallpaper pasted on a nice cushioned flooring. The fake wood fits with the theme of Las Vegas, which has fake everything — a fake New York, a fake Sphinx, a fake Eifel Tower, fake grass, etc.

3. Intel

Weirdly, the three best floors are all near each other. Intel has a nice cushion to its floor, but, the carpet is a little thin. You won’t be unhappy if you walk this floor for your whole life, but you would be missing out on better experiences. 

2. Changhong

I’ve never heard of this company, but they had a giant booth that used to be where Microsoft set up shop at CES. The floor was nice and cushiony. The carpet was deep but not too deep. 

Unrelated to the carpet, Changhong had an unusual thing happening at its booth that I didn’t really understand. It seemed to be related to China’s forbidden city? Here’s a photo.

1. Qualcomm 

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