RANKED: The Australian cities where people are the best at running late for work

Don’t feel like going to work on time? Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images.

Having trouble getting to work on time?

Well, you’re not alone. A new survey by employee management solution Deputy has found that at least 30% of workers across five of Australia’s major cities arrive to work late.

The results were based on more than 400,000 shifts across 10,000 workers over the past six months.

Adelaide topped the list with the most late starters (41%), based on the number of shifts analysed, followed by Melbourne (40%) and Sydney (40%).

The early birds hailed from Brisbane with 69% of employees arriving to work early.

“We’d all assume that Melbourne or Sydney would have been the least on time city due to traffic, so it was surprising to find out that Adelaide workers win that dubious honour,” said Kristin Harris, general manager of Deputy.

In terms of industry, those in construction, hospitality and healthcare were more likely to arrive late than those in the retail industry.

The average late start ranged from 8:04 minutes to 9:24 minutes.

Here’s a closer breakdown of each city below.


Photo: Deputy.


Photo: Deputy.


Photo: Deputy.


Photo: Deputy.


Photo: Deputy.

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