RANKED: The 8 Most Influential Australian Celebrities

Star power matters.

Famous people who are trusted by the public have a huge asset in their personal brands. When they talk, people listen.

Repucom, a sports marketing research company, has created the only international index for celebrity evaluation to find out how Australian celebrities rate in terms of appeal, aspiration, breakthrough, endorsement, influence, trendsetter and trust.

Respondents aged 16 to 69 years from an online consumer panel of 500 people indicate if they are aware of a celebrity and are then asked a standard set of questions about that celebrity.

An overall Celebrity DBI score, ranging from 0 (the lowest) to 100 (the highest), is then calculated by combining 60% awareness and 40% the other seven attributes.

So far Repucom has surveyed 300 Australian celebrities. Here are the eight most influential on their list.

Hugh Jackman scored 84.38 out of 100

Cate Blanchett scored 78.03 out of 100

Kylie Minogue scored 76.32 out of 100

Dr Chris Brown scored 76.02 out of 100

Curtis Stone scored 75.54 out of 100

Jennifer Hawkins scored 75.32 out of 100

Jessica Mauboy scored 75.32 out of 100

Adam Gilchrist scored 74.68 out of 100

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