RANKED: The World's Most Punctual Airlines

This winter has made it clear that bad weather can wreak havoc on flight schedules, but not all airlines handle things equally well.

This month, FlightStats published its 2013 On-Time Performance Service Awards. The annual report names the airlines in each region of the world with the best on-time arrival times. (An arrival within fifteen minutes of the planned time counts as good.)

Out of the world’s major international carriers, Japan Airlines comes out on top, with an 88.94% performance:

In North America, it’s Alaska, followed by Delta:

KLM wins in Europe:

Two airlines in the Middle East and Africa boast on-time rates over 90%:

South American airlines aren’t as strong:

Here are the most punctual airlines in the Asia-Pacific region:

And the best among low-cost carriers. Note that Ryanair and easyJet aren’t counted by FlightStats due to a lack of data.

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