RANKED: Australia’s 20 most trusted professions

Photo: Queen Elizabeth Hospital/ Getty.

For the last 20 years one profession has been more trusted by Australian’s than any other job, and this year is no different.

Nurses have again topped the list as having the most most ethical and honest profession, with 92% of people considering it as the most trustworthy job — the highest percentage since 2003.

In 2013, 296,029 nurses and midwives were employed in Australia.

A full-time nurse or midwife in a non-managerial role typically earns $1,633.50 per week, based on 2012 ABS data and in 2011, students training to become a professional in this sector doubled to 45,400 from 22,600 in 2001.

Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions Survey — which ranks 30 different professions — revealed doctors, pharmacists, school teachers and engineers rounded out the top five professions, according to the 598 Australians surveyed.

The lowest ranked profession was once again the car salesmen — a ranking held for over 30 years. The next lowest were advertising people and real estate agents.

Gary Morgan, executive chairman of the local research company, said this year’s biggest losers were “bank managers 34% (down 9%), accountants 45% (down 7%) — their lowest rating for over a decade since 2002 — and lawyers 31% (down 7%). Another big loser was financial planners at 24% (down 4%) — their lowest ever rating for very high or high ‘ethics and honesty’ following a series of scandals in the industry.”

Here’s a look at the list in full.