RANKED: Australia Is No. 24 On The 2014 Global Gender Gap Index

Australia prides itself on being an innovative and progressive country, but in comparison to the rest of the world, if you’re a woman from “the lucky country”, then you don’t fair so well.

A new report from The World Economic Forum reveals Australia doesn’t even make the cut for top 10 best countries for women’s equality. Unchanged from last year, Australia ranks 24th – far behind Iceland, Finland and Norway, which took out the top three places.

The annual Global Gender Gap Report gives an equality score to 142 countries based on how equal men and women are in four categories: economic participation and opportunities, education, political empowerment, and health and survival.

Despite some improvements and significant positive change around gender equality in the Australian workplace, results are still yet to be seen at the executive level with 40% of ASX listed company boards yet to include a woman, while women only make up 3.5% of Australian CEOs and there is a significant gender pay gap.

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