These 10 countries are the most welcoming places in the world for expats

Taipei, Taiwan. weniliou/Shutterstock

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but settling down and finding new friends can also be daunting.

That’s why InterNations, the world’s largest network for expats, 13,000 people from 166 countries for their insights on moving to new places.

The final ranking is based on how friendly locals are to expats, how easy new arrivals find it to make local friends, and how much people want to stay in their new home forever.

Scroll down to see what these countries are.

10. Canada — where 27% of expat respondents said they were mainly friends with locals. A French expat called Canadians “open-minded, tolerant, and benevolent.”

9. Vietnam — more than half of the expats here said they plan to stay in the country for up to five years. Most expats living here said it was easy to settle down in the country, and described locals as welcoming.

Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City. Shutterstock/View Apart

8. Colombia — expats here are most likely to be mainly friends with locals. An expat from the US said Colombians were “open, warm, and friendly,” and a Dutch national said they were “always willing to help.”

Cartagena, a major port city in Colombia. Jordan Adkins/Shutterstock

7. Oman — expats here mingle with locals as well as other nationals.

Muscat, Oman. Shutterstock

6. Costa Rica — 81% of expat respondents here said they felt at home in the local culture.

San Jose, Costa Rica. stellamc / Shutterstock

5. Bahrain — 91% of respondents said they found it easy to live here without speaking the local language, Arabic. A US national said: “Bahrain is a beautiful melting pot of many different cultures.”

Downtown Manama, Bahrain. Flickr/Chris Price

4. Cambodia — 39% of expats felt at home in the local culture almost right after moving here.

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Kenneth Dedeu/Shutterstock

3. Mexico — four in five expats here say it is easy to settle down in the country and get used to its local culture.

2. Taiwan — most expats say they have settled and felt at home here. A US national added: “The people are wonderfully friendly and welcoming to foreigners.”

Taipei. weniliou/Shutterstock

1. Portugal — expats living here are happiest with their relationships with locals. “People look after each other,” a Dutch expat said. A US national also said locals were “friendly and helpful.”

Lisbon, Portugal. Shutterstock/TTStudio