REVEALED: Olivia Munn Turned The New York Rangers Into One Of The Best Teams In NHL History

olivia munn

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Olivia Munn broke up with New York Rangers star Brad Richards today. Just tabloid fodder, right?Think again.

The Rangers were 3-3-3 when Richards and Munn first started dating. Since that point (Oct. 31 to be exact), they’ve gone an astonishing 24-6-1.

If the Rangers played at that Munn-aided pace for an entire 82-game season, they’d finish with 129 points.

The point total would make them the third-best team (points-wise) in NHL history.

So there you have it, science says the Rangers were the one of the best hockey teams ever when Munn and Richards were knockin’ boots.

But now, uncertainly awaits.