Randy Orton Suffers Concussion In Spain

WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton confirmed via tweet that he suffered a concussion over the weekend in Spain. Orton was knocked out over the weekend in a match and is questionable for WWE Capitol Punishment.

The injury explains the whole angle on Monday night when Orton was told that he couldn’t wrestle because of a concussion. It was said as part of the angle that Orton would still wrestle Sunday but that is certainly not a given.

Randy Orton also confirmed the news on his Twitter account. Someone asked Orton why he didn’t wrestle at the WWE All Star Night RAW show in Long Island, NY.

On a side note, I just want to say that Randy Orton appears to be one of the most fan friendly wrestlers in the WWE when it comes to the social media. While most of the WWE superstars just send messages back and forth between friends, Orton is constantly tweeting with fans and answering questions.

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