Rand Paul goes on Twitter rampage against Republicans' last hope for repealing Obamacare

Republican Sen. Rand Paul spent Friday on Twitter taking the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ) Obamacare repeal plan to the proverbial woodshed.

Paul, a staunch advocate for a total repeal of the law formally known as the Affordable Care Act, said earlier Friday that he would vote against the plan if it came to the Senate floor.

While the proposal would give federal money in block grants to states, it would do so in slightly tweaked amounts close to current funding levels under Obamacare.

That would mean Obamacare is still broadly intact, Paul argued.

“I can’t support a bill that keeps 90% of Obamacare in place,” Paul said. “#GrahamCassidy is not repeal or replace, it is more Obamacare Lite.”

Paul even shot back when one of the architects, Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, attempted to defend the plan on Twitter.

“GCHJ repeals entire architecture of Obamacare & gives Kentucky control over its own health care. Willing to go over it with you,” Cassidy tweeted in response to Paul.

“It keeps 90% of Obamacare spending and 90% of Obamacare taxes,” Paul said back. “No thanks.”

Cassidy said Friday that the bill is supported by as many as 49 Republican senators. Whether or not it can pass before the end of September, when the GOP’s opportunit to pass the bill with only a simple majority will expire, remains up in the air.

Here are all the tweets:






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