Rand Paul: Scalise's presence at congressional baseball practice likely prevented a complete 'massacre'

When a shooter with a rifle and scope opened fire on a GOP congressional baseball practice, GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s presence, because of his leadership role in the House, likely prevented the incident from becoming a complete massacre, Sen. Rand Paul told MSNBC.

Scalise was shot in the incident, along with other staffers. Two Capitol police officers were also reportedly shot.

“In the field I see Rep. Scalise is shot but moving and he’s trying to drag himself thorough the dirt out to the outfield,” said Paul, who described a harrowing scene with congressmen and staffers running for cover as 50 to 60 shots ran out.

Paul explained that because Scalise holds a leadership role in the House, he had a security detail there that quickly responded and neutralized the shooter. Police said a suspect was in custody and no longer a threat Wednesday morning.

“Everybody would have died except for the fact that Capitol Hill police were there,” Paul said. “Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre.”

Paul spoke to MSNBC from the baseball field where the senators had been ordered to shelter in place. Law-enforcement officials told CNN the attack was a deliberate attempt on elected officials.

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