If The GOP Thought Jim Bunning Was Trouble, Just Wait Until They Meet His Replacement

rand paul

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

The GOP has a major problem on its hands by the name of Jim Bunning, the lame-duck Senator who is now using all his power to stand up for his principles, obstruct everything, and generally make his party look bad.But the party brought this problem onto itself, when it pressured Bunning to retire.

Now this lame-duck is freerolling with nothing to lose, building up a cult following in the process.

But after November the nightmare will be over, right?

Not so fast.

For who should be his replacement? That will likely be Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul. And remember, we’re talking about the Senate here. In the House, Ron Paul is one of 435 voices — albet it a very loud one.

Rand — which is short for Randall, and we assume so-named due to his father’s affinity for Ayn Rand, though we’re not sure — will be a Senator with all the rights Bunning has to turn a “no” vote into something much more powerful.

Rand is doing well in the polls. He has a good shot of winning. The party might wish it had stuck with the devil it knew.

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