The Robert Griffin III Trade Is Turning Into An Unexpected Win For The St. Louis Rams

The 2012 trade in which the Washington Redskins sent a boatload of draft picks to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for the right to draft Robert Griffin III has
been generally bad for everyone.

The Rams have been unable to find a long-term quarterback.

The Redskins have holes everywhere, and now RGIII is struggling in his sophomore year.

But because of Washington’s unexpectedly bad season, the Rams might end up salvaging the trade and coming out winners in the end.

St. Louis owns Washington’s 2014 first-round pick. Right now Washington is 3-8 — tied for the fourth-worst record in the league. If they finish the season like they started it, that 2014 first-round pick — the final unknown asset for the RGIII trade — could end up being the highest pick of the entire blockbuster.

Here’s what the trade looked like.

Washington got:

  • 2012 first-round pick (2nd overall)

St. Louis got:

  • 2012 first-round pick (6th overall)
  • 2012 second-round pick (39th overall)
  • 2013 first-round pick (22nd overall)
  • 2014 first-round pick (possibly top-five overall)

At the end of the day, St. Louis could end up getting two top-10 picks, another top-25 pick, and another top-40 pick for one player.

The value and the sheer volume of talent makes the trade a no-brainer for St. Louis in retrospect.

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