The Rams Fooled Everyone With A Genius Trick Punt Return Touchdown

The St. Louis Rams drew up one of the more whimsical trick plays you’ll ever see in an NFL game, and it worked to perfection.

On a punt return in the second quarter against the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams pretended to catch the punt on the left side of the field when the ball was actually on the right side of the field. The Seahawks totally fell for it. They all ran to the Rams player who was pretending to catch the punt instead of the guy who actually had the ball (Steadman Bailey), who returned it 90 yards for a touchdown.

Here’s the play (more below):

All but two Seahawks players were moving toward the wrong returner:

The camera guy was fooled too:

Three Rams players escorted Bailey into the endzone:

They couldn’t believe this actually worked:

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