Report: Rams and Chargers have been chosen to move to Los Angeles

The Rams and Chargers are moving in together — and moving to Los Angeles.

NFL owners have settled on a new proposal for the Rams and Chargers to relocate to Los Angeles next season and share a stadium in Inglewood, according to multiple reports. 


While the official vote is still pending, the official decision comes just hours after the first vote for the Rams and “another team” in Inglewood failed 21-8, with three owners abstaining. Roger Goodell reportedly met with owners after the initial round of voting, and during the second vote the proposal passed.

After Roger Goodell announced last year that the NFL planned to move one or two teams to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke originally proposed a $1.86 billion, 80,000-seat stadium with a retractable roof on land in Inglewood. The Raiders and Chargers jointly proposed a $1.7 billion open-air stadium in the LA suburb of Carson.

But based own the news of the Rams and Chargers will together be relocating in Inglewood, it appears that Kroenke and Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos were ultimately more willing to partner in order to relocate both of their franchises to Los Angeles, rather than fighting and taking votes away from both proposals.

As Chargers and Rams fans mourn their departing teams, the fate of the Raiders remains uncertain. They are likely to stay in Oakland and will likely receive some of the money needed to build a new stadium in the Bay Area from the NFL and NFL ownership as a consolation prize.

The news of the Rams and Chargers sharing a stadium in Inglewood comes after reports earlier in the week suggested that Spanos was reluctant to partner with Kroenke unless Kroenke agreed to a 50-50 partnership on the Inglewood stadium. It’s likely that during negotiations Kroenke leveraged the Raiders’ desire to move to LA — even as the Rams’ tenant — against Spanos in order to have Spanos partner with him. The financial specifics of the agreement are not yet known.

Along with illustrating Kroenke’s power with the NFL ownership, the compromise between the Chargers and Rams also reveals that NFL owners likely did not want the notoriously eccentric Raiders owner Mark Davis at the helm of the second LA experiment.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sports Business Daily reported that the NFL’s LA Committee officially recommended the Carson site to owners. As this was only a recommendation, the owners were evidently swayed by Kroenke.

The teams are expected to play in UCLA’s LA Coliseum, and possibly elsewhere until the 2019 season, when the Inglewood stadium will be completed.

We’ll continue to update as we learn more…

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