The Rock's 'Rampage' beats out 'A Quiet Place' to top the box office -- and does even better overseas

Warner Bros.‘Rampage.’
  • “Rampage” wins the domestic box office with an estimated $US34.5 million.
  • A big reason for that is because of the movie’s star, Dwayne Johnson, who is one of the few actors in today’s Hollywood who bring audiences to the theatres.
  • And he draws even bigger bucks overseas. In China alone the movie took in $US55 million.
  • “A Quiet Place” earned a solid second place finish putting its total domestic earnings to $US99.6 million (it was made for $US17 million).

Dwayne Johnson proved this weekend that he really is bulletproof.

There’s no question that The Rock is the biggest action star in the world, but he proved this weekend with Warner Bros.’s “Rampage,” an adaptation of the popular 1980s video game, that if his name is on the project people are going to run to the theatre to see it – a lot of people.

Despite the movie sporting a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and last weekend’s box office hit, “A Quiet Place,” looking to have a strong second weekend in theatres, the Johnson brand went into overdrive leading to “Rampage” winning the weekend at the box office with an estimated $US34.5 million, according to boxofficepro.

Johnson (who in a rare occurrence was not on set of another movie while his latest is in theatres) spent Saturday surprising audiences at an AMC theatre in Burbank, California and he’s been posting video messages on his Instagram reminding his fans to go out and catch the movie.

RampageWarner Bros.Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris in ‘Rampage.’

That led to “Rampage” taking in $US13.8 million on Saturday, a 20% hike from its $US11.5 million on Friday.

But where Johnson really flexed his muscles is overseas.

“Rampage” opened in 61 markets abroad and is doing strong across the globe, but especially in China. The second-largest movie market in the world is constantly a major focus by Hollywood because of its incredible growth over the last decade, and this weekend proved that they love Dwayne Johnson over there as the movie took in $US55 million its opening weekend in the Middle Kingdom when the estimates come in.

“A Quiet Place” had a strong second place finish with $US32.6 million. The surprise horror hit for Paramount saw a minuscule 35% decrease in sales from its $US50 million opening weekend. The movie, made for $US17 million, now has a total domestic gross of $US99.6 million.

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