Oakland A's center fielder robs home run, hurls the ball hundreds of feet in one of the wildest sequences of the MLB season

  • Oakland A’s center fielder Ramon Laureano made one of the best plays of the young MLB season on Sunday.
  • Laureano robbed a home run, then threw the ball back to first base to try to get the baserunner out.
  • The ball travelled somewhere close to 350 feet, over first base, but the A’s catcher was there to back up the throw, then get the runner out at second for an impressive double play.

Oakland A’s center fielder Ramon Laureano added another incredible play to a growing highlight reel.

In the top of the second inning, Blue Jays right fielder Teoscar Hernandez hit a deep fly ball to left-center that seemed destined to go over the wall. That’s when Laureano made an incredible recovery to the warning track, jumped, and reached over the fence to rub the home run.

That was only the first part of the highlight.

Laureano then attempted to double-up Justin Smoak, who was retreating back to first base. Laureano showed off his impressive arm, launching the ball back to first base. The throw actually went over first base, but A’s catcher Nick Hundley backed up the throw and threw Smoak out at second.

What a series.

Last year, Laureano made one of the best plays of the season when he caught a fly ball in deep left-center, then threw out the base runner at first base. Statcast measured his throw at 321 feet. Given that his throw on Sunday went well over first base, it’s likely he tossed the ball 350 feet.

The Blue Jays would go on to win the game, 5-4.

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