This Young Woman Brought A PowerPoint Presentation To Her Job Interview And It Totally Worked

Cool story today.

Meet Darby, a 20-something marketing professional who read about my Briefcase Technique and used it to land a job she loves earning $10,000 more than her old salary.

The Briefcase Technique is one of my free techniques that I’m happy to give away to show you how effective IWT material can be for you.

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“I’m stubborn, so I got them to $40,000.”
A couple years ago Darby finished up college and started looking for work. She landed an interview with a marketing company for Quebec hotels. “At the time I had a lot of friends who were struggling to find entry level marketing jobs”, she said. It was a tough market and here was an opportunity to use both her education and bilingual skills.

But the interview didn’t go well.

“I wasn’t confident in that negotiation because I had no leverage”, Darby remembered, “at that point I had maybe two months experience, and they told me I was competing with a more experienced applicant. I was nervous because I was the underdog.”

When it came time to discuss salary, Darby suggested a range in the low to mid 40s. They offered her $39K. “When I tried to say, ‘I asked for X, I really feel like because I’m bilingual I’m worth it’, they came back with, ‘we chose you instead of the more experienced candidate because we want to invest in you’.”

Conversation over, right?

“I’m kind of stubborn. I was like ‘oh, come on, you can give me another $1000′”. Darby got her $40K, but was left feeling undervalued in a position that didn’t have much room for growth. “I didn’t have any other offers on the table and I needed to pay my rent.”

From $40,000 to $50,000
Fast-forward two months. Darby logged into LinkedIn and had a message from a recruiter. “I always keep my LinkedIn profile pretty updated”, she said, “the recruiter was looking for someone who was bilingual and a marketing coordinator, which was pretty much exactly the headline in my profile.”

“It was awesome,” said Darby, “I felt really validated because it was a very reputable company. It was exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find two months before.” Darby told them she’d need at least $50,000, and after a few phone interviews the company flew her in for an interview.

So Darby started researching how to negotiate. “I had read a lot of nonsense like ’10 things not to do in an interview’. I felt like I was an OK interviewee, but I wanted something a little more intense. If I was going to fly out for an interview, I needed to bring my A-game.”

That’s when she found this site and my Briefcase Technique.

“It seemed very practical but not easy, so I figured it would work. I thought that a high level of preparation would allay any concerns that the hiring manager had about my relative inexperience.”

Darby checked out the source code for the company’s website and found out they weren’t even using page titles. An SEO and usability disaster. Since she was preparing for the interview anyways, she decided to put together a PowerPoint. “That way I could say, ‘I have something for you’, and really drive the conversation.”

“Oh, you prepared something. Wow”
“I had prepared with the Briefcase Technique, only I didn’t whip out a document, I whipped out my computer. I said ‘this is how long it will take me to implement these things, and I think it would have a huge improvement on your website.”

And it worked. “The hiring manager was really impressed, and was like ‘show that to my boss.'” After the follow up interview, Darby had earned great feedback, “the hiring manager said I had done really well, they were really happy, and I would hear back within a week. Seven days later I got the offer.”

$50,000. That’s $10K or 25% more than she was making at her old dead-end job. Plus a signing bonus of $2,000 for relocation.

“When I look at the presentation now I think ‘oh my god, it’s totally rudimentary’, but it was very practical. I remember the hiring manager asked me, ‘How did you even get our source code?’, and I laughed, ‘Oh it’s easy, anybody can do that!”

“I’m going travelling in Japan for a year. I’ll study leading-edge digital marketing, Japanese, and the martial arts.”
For Darby, landing a great job with a better salary was just the first step.

A couple months ago she received a small inheritance — exactly $1000. She used the money to buy Earn1K and has already lined up three warm leads and is negotiating her first contract — a year-long, $400/month project.

“I’m an Earn1K student because I know that your material really works. I plan to freelance while travelling Japan for the next year. After the year is done I might just be looking for my dream job.”

I’m thrilled to share Darby’s story with you.

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