Every Beautiful Woman In New York Showed Up For Ralph Lauren's Swanky Tribute Last Night (PHOTOS)

ralph lauren ricky lauren


Oprah Winfrey dropped into town to host last night’s tribute to Ralph Lauren (pictured here with wife Ricky).He’s one of our sexiest CEOs — but he had some stiff competition from the red carpet last night.

It seemed like every gorgeous woman in Manhattan had RSVPed yes to this event — and had secured one of the designer’s most breathtaking dresses for the occasion.

Naomi Watts went futuristic metallic.

Elaine Irwin was classic RL black and white.

Kerry Washington had a Nefertiti thing going.

Jessica Alba was embellished perfection.

Uma Thurman went for high drama.

Camilla Belle gets our best-dressed nod.

Seth Meyers' girlfriend Alexis Ashe showed up most of the pro models.

But we think Ralph's daughter Dylan was the undisputed most beautiful in the room.

From dressed to kill to born to kill.

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