Ralph Lauren, Mike Nichols Looking at $50 Million Apartment At 1040 Fifth Ave

Less than two months ago, expert property-flipper Edgar Bronfman sold his 1040 Fifth Avenue apartment for a paltry $20 million. Now a $50 million apartment in the same building is up for sale and has already been viewed by Ralph Lauren and Mike Nichols, who would only be moving less than a block uptown (he and Diane Sawyer currently live at 1030 Fifth).

Curbed: A tipster writes in with some rumoured dish on 1040 Fifth Avenue, the Rosario Candela-designed limestone building a block north of the Met, routinely cited as one of New York’s most prestigious buildings and onetime home of Jackie O.: “This is a true fact: Tina Flaherty is selling her 1040 Fifth Avenue Duplex Apartment for $50 Million Bucks!!! Leighton Candler from Corcoran has the exclusive on it. Ralph Lauren and Mike Nichols have looked at it already. It’s probably going to be a bidder’s war considering the pedigree of this building.” We’re having a tough time getting excited about anything listed for under $80 mil. Strange but true. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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