Disney's 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' wins the box office for a second-straight weekend

Disney‘Ralph Breaks the Internet.’
  • “Ralph Breaks the Internet” wins the weekend box office for a second-straight weekend with a $US25.7 million take.
  • This marks the third consecutive year that a Disney movie has won the box office the weekend following Thanksgiving weekend.
  • And in a surprise second place, “The Grinch” beat out “Creed II.”

For the third year in a row, a Disney movie has won the box office the weekend following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” took in an estimated $US25.7 million over the weekend, upping its North American total to $US119 million.

Last year it was “Coco” that dominated the box office this time of year, bringing in $US27.5 million. The year before that, it was “Moana” with a $US28.2 million take its second weekend.

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In the past few years, Disney would follow up its Thanksgiving release with a “Star Wars” movie that would then dominate the box office until the new year. Though Disney doesn’t have a “Star Wars” title out this December, the studio hopes that it can get some good coin from “Mary Poppins Returns,” when it opens Dec. 19.

In a surprise for second place this weekend, Universal/Illumination’s “The Grinch” snuck past MGM’s “Creed II” to get the silver taking in $US17.7 million versus $US16.8 million for the “Creed” sequel.

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