This app allows anyone to invest in classic cars

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This app allows anyone to invest in classic cars.

Christopher Bruno: When people think about cars they often think of depreciating assets. We’re trying to change that. Collectible cars have delivered 300% plus returns over the past ten years. Rally Rd is an investment app where we take high-value, appreciating assets like collectible cars, and turn them into stocks. Essentially, each car on Rally Rd is a mini public company, which is divided up into 2,000 shares. Investors can create a diversified portfolio of interest in each of these collectible cars share by share, car by car.

Investments start as low as $US50. Their goal is for everyone to have access to this high-value asset class. The buyer can buy and sell shares as they see fit.

Bruno: So each month on Rally Rd, we create what’s called a trading window where you’re able to exit your investment. Through the app, you can submit your shares for sale through a registered broker-dealer and we connect you to other potential buyers who’d like to buy those shares.

The cars featured in the app are always for sale.

Bruno: So we’re always tracking the data through the app and trying to understand when the right time is to actually exit an investment. When we do the funds that come back from liquidating that car get distributed among the investors.

Rally Rd wants to help people diversify their investments.

Bruno: We don’t really think about Rally Rd as an alternative to other asset classes. We think about it as an addition. The great things about collectible cars is that they’re uncorrelated returns with the traditional equity markets. So it gives you a nice way to diversify your portfolio and to get into the really good stuff without actually having the capital to buy all the assets yourself.

Rally Rd consults their advisory board before purchasing any cars. The app’s design shows their process transparently. You can view filing statements and proof of authenticity for each vehicle. Investments can be made at the touch of a button.

1) Create a free account

2) Browse available assets

3) Invest

Rally Rd plans to acquire more cars over time. Would you invest in these classics?

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