And Now The Selloff Just Got Real, Dow Down Over 120

Update II: It’s been volatile in the market after that market selloff, but it’s starting to feel like the crash is back after that Fed announcement.

The Dow is off over 150.

S&P off over 1.3%.

The NASDAQ, whih had been the huge winner, is now off 0.5%.

Yields are coming down across the board, as the flight to safety accelerated.


The Swiss Franc is going bonkers.

UPDATE: And mow markets are coming back.

Not bad for Ben. He didn’t promise more QE, and the market hasn’t collapsed.

The Dow is up 40 now, and the NASDAQ is still up 2%.

Here’s our coverage of the announcement.


Original post: Boom. At one point the Dow was up close to 200 today.

Now, following that FOMC statement, the Dow is off 40.