Now We Know Who Wore The Pants In The Rajaratnam/Tipster Relationships

Raj Rajaratnam’s got GAME.

Not only did he make millions off the stock market tips he got from tipsters, but he made his tipsters feel like they owed him something.

In other words, even though he needed them more than they needed him, he wore the pants in the relationship. 

Tipster Anil Kumar put it this way for the courtroom, “I felt like I owed him something.

And Rajiv Goel basically had to crawl up Raj’s pant leg to get him to read something he was proud of.

Goel: “…I’ll send it to you only if you want to read it. If you don’t read it, then forget it, I’m not interested in sending it to you.”

It’s like a high school girl telling her college boyfriend that she doesn’t want him to come over unless he wants to miss the party.

Then there’s the guilt-trip.

“Uh? Is that… is that… does it always have to benefit you?”

And finally that’s enough stroking and Raj agrees and lets Goel brag about it for a few minutes.

“It’s uh.. basically the write-up that got me the award… It’s very interesting the way it’s been written up you know… they hold a special banquet for this… it’s a formal thing. You gotta wear a tux and everything. It’s like a big affair.”

And then Goel gave Raj what he wanted. The date Intel was expected to announce a deal with Clearwire, April 1st.

Here’s the full conversation:

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