Raj Is Wearing His favourite Tie

Raj wearing his favourite tie on April 28th.

As the deliberations over the Raj trial begin on yet another day, the fifth day since jury deliberations began, reporters covering the case are getting a little ancy.So we’re using all using metrics to speculate on how the trial is going and how much more time is left.

Mundane details like:

  • Raj’s smile: Means the trial might end soon. Yesterday, Thursday, might have been the first day we didn’t get a smile out of him. Possibly because he knew it wouldn’t end on Thursday. Usually his optimism is indefatigable: SmileSmileSmileSmile. (Click on each of the “Smile” links to see Raj smiling on different days.) 
  • The surprising amount of time the jury is taking to decide the case: A positive indicator for Raj. The jury is still deliberating. Friday April 28 will be the fifth day. If the case were open and shut, it’d be over by now.
  • John Dowd’s retiring – A positive indicator for Raj. We assume Dowd would want to end his career in the courtroom on a high note.
  • John Dowd’s fingers: Thumbs up and pointing is a positive indicator. One day, Dowd gave a middle finger. The next day, when the defence won the small victory we mentioned above, the gave a thumbs up and pointed playfully to the camera. 
  • The jury’s requests to leave early for vacation or doctor’s appointments: Means that no decision will be made on the day of the request. Earlier this week, Today, one jury member requested to leave at noon because he or she is going to Florida for the weekend. Why would he or she mention the vacation if the jury were going to decide by noon today? (Probably because he or she has to, but that doesn’t stop us from attaching meaning to it.)
  • The jury’s request to see the defence’s best evidence again: A positive indicator for Raj.
  • Raj’s lunch order and his newspaper: A negative indicator for Raj. There’s a saying that if you put two people charged with the same crime in a jail cell, you can tell who is the guilty party easily. The innocent man will stay up all night fretting. The guilty man knows he’s caught, so he’ll sleep. Raj ordered a tuna sandwich on Monday April 25th. He read the newspaper on Tuesday April 26th. His appetite is back, and he’s calm. The man is acting like he’s going to jail.
  • Adam Brodsky’s protest: A positive indicator for Raj. (Unless he was just messing with the defence by requesting to have the jury look over the government’s evidence again.)
  • The colour of Raj’s tie: Blue is a positive indicator. All week, it was blue. Blue is a calm, cool colour that just feels more innocent than say, red. Yesterday, Raj was wearing his favourite tie, which is nay blue with a maroon stripe, for the fight he still has in him. He was wearing it on April 20th and again on April 28th. When Raj is wearing a blue tie, he has good days (on one day, the jury requested to see the defence’s best evidence again – the prosecution was pissed and tried to protest it. The defence loved it. On another blue tie day, Raj tricked the paparazzi and thought it was hilarious.)

Let me stress that these have no ground in reality. We’ve been in the courtroom for 5 days waiting for a verdict. Our imaginations and the Starbucks across the street are all we have.

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