Rajat Gupta's Insider Trading Trial Is Now Featuring A Stand-Up Comedy Routine From Gupta's Lawyer And The Judge

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We all remember when Judge Jed Rakoff, who is preceding over Rajat Gupta’s insider trading trial, expressed his amazement that the jurors were even paying attending because the proceedings had become so dull.Well now, it seems like the judge and Gupta’s lawyer, Gary Naftalis, are going to lengths to keep the jurors entertained.

The Wall Street Journal has a lighthearted report of the “minor league stand-up comedy routine” that Naftalis and Judge Rakoff’s courtroom banter has turned into. The two are apparently long-time friends, stretching from the time when they both served as federal prosecutors.

The comedic banter includes puns (from WSJ)…

When a juror had difficulty scheduling dental surgery, Mr. Gupta’s lawyer, Gary Naftalis, recounted in court how a lawyer once questioned a dentist on the witness stand. “He started his cross-examination by saying, ‘I want you to sit back in that witness chair and relax. My questions aren’t going to hurt a bit.'”

Retorted U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff: “Most judges…definitely feel the need for Novocain,” adding: “You all know the drill.”

And jabs between Judge Rakoff and Naftalis about their ages

At one point in the trial, when Judge Rakoff explained to a confused witness that 1786 was the page number in a transcript, and not a year, Mr. Naftalis said, “Even I wasn’t born in 1786.”

“So you allege,” the judge shot back, to laughter.

Would the jurors be entertained? You decide.

Read the full report at WSJ >

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