Rajat Gupta Is Taking A Leave Of Absence From The $1.4 Billion PE Firm He Started With Raj

rajat gupta

Photo: SAJA Forum

Alleged inside trader and former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta has taken a “voluntary leave of absence” from the $1.4 billion private-equity firm he co-founded with Raj Rajaratnam, Bloomberg reports.Gupta said he was temporarily stepping away from the firm to “avoid any distraction and ensure New Silk Route’s continued focus on the execution of its investment strategy.”

Gupta, who’s name has been mentioned incessantly since the criminal trial againts Raj Rajaratnam began on Tuesday, and who is expected to testify in the trial, established New Silk Route in 2006 with Raj and some other partners.

When you visit new the firm’s website, an image of Gupta remains splayed across the site.

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