After What Happened On Monday We Know Raj Has Not Been Listening To The Advice Of Fellow Investor Mark Mobius


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Considering that one of the biggest decisions of his life is going to (probably) happen this week — and that that decision is totally out of his hands — you’d be forgiven for thinking Raj may have lost his appetite due to some serious anxiety.Raj’s stress may manifest itself in other ways, since he was seen chowing down at the courthouse cafeteria yesterday.

So, what is Raj’s sandwich filling of choice?

From the WSJ (via Dealbreaker)

After the jury started its work, Mr. Rajaratnam and his lawyers headed to the courthouse cafeteria for lunch. The defendant ordered a tuna sandwich with mayonnaise.

Raj must have missed fellow fund manager and emerging markets investor, Mark Mobius’ advice on the ol’ tuna fish sandwich:

If you ever want to eat a tuna sandwich again, don’t go to a tuna factory. I visited one where they had two lines: one was the human food line and one was the cat food line – and they didn’t look any different.

Or, most likely, Raj has just never visited a tuna factory.

As for what the tuna sandwich choice says about Raj, Bess Levin inferred that he may have made such a choice because he’s either really “worried he’s going to go away for a long time and wants to get all the mayo– his favourite condiment- that he can and then some in the meantime.”

Or, alternatively, he’s super confident of an acquittal and “in anticipation of beach season, tried on all his favourite swimsuits only to find that the recent weight-loss has left them entirely too baggy. He’s now doing what he can to get his curves back before Memorial Day.”

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