Raj Rajaratnam Is Not Looking For A Plea Deal

Raj is still “confident” he can win.

Earlier today we noted that prosecutors in the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading case requested 30 more days before they file indictment papers in order to “engage in further discussions with counsel about disposition of these cases.”

We also said that such requests are made for a variety of reasons, including, of course, for what the filing documents assert — that prosecutors are talking to Rajaratnam or his co-defendants about reaching a plea deal. 

At least for Rajaratnam, that is not happening, we are told.  A source briefed on the matter said that Rajaratnam is not in talks with prosecutors about reaching a plea agreement.  “No one should be expecting a plea here,” the person said. 

The US Attorney’s office had no comment on whether or not it was engaged in plea discussions with Rajaratnam. 

Obviously only the parties really know if any plea discussion are afoot — or desired by either side.  Defendants and prosecutors always like to posture about how strong their cases are.  But, for now at least, Rajaratnam appears to be sticking to his assertion that he is looking forward to for trial.  

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