Check Out Photos Of The Raj Trial And See Him Getting Convicted

Photo: Louis Lanzano/Bloomberg News

Raj Rajaratnam: GUILTY.”Raj’s sentence will be 12-15 years, and could be 20 years if Court found his misconduct particularly egregious. The fine is not really an issue in these types of cases. Restitution however could be as high as $60 million,” says White Collar Crime attorney Jeff Ifrah.

After an 8-week long trial, the alleged insider trader and billionaire, who is the most prominent investor to face trial in at least the last 15 years, was found guilty of all all 14 counts (we predicted he would be found guilty of 7).

Raj left court in a silver Mercedes S500. He was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

The trial has been gathering swarms of curious on-lookers: paparazzi, reporters, and people who mysteriously won't tell you why they're there

One person who never showed up: Raj's wife, Asha Pabla, did not appear in court once.

Galleon's lawyers (pictured) and two of the Rajaratnam's friends (a brother and sister) have visited trial almost every day.

Anil Kumar, an ex-Mckinsey executive, testified that his former friend, Raj Rajaratnam, corrupted him.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's testimony that a Goldman board member had confidential information to give to Raj was also devastating.

Raj's insider trading conspiracy with Danielle Chiesi figured prominently in the trial, but she did not testify against her confidant.

Raj was also accused of concocting an insider trading scheme with Roomy Khan, who did not testify against him.

Even before D Day, the paparazzi swarmed as Raj left court. One day, to protect him, the woman behind Raj batted them away.

Another day, to avoid the swarm, Raj staged a fake out and his driver suddenly took off for an unknown location.

We found him parked about a quarter of a mile away in the front of the courthouse.

Raj's car and driver waited outside the courtroom to whisk Raj away to his mansion in Greenwich, CT at the end of court each day.

Raj had bodyguards to make sure he got home safely. Here's one shielding him from the paparazzi as he gets in.

Raj's lawyer was a good indicator of how the trial was going. On April 25, he gave cameramen the middle finger. On April 27, a thumbs up. Here he is smiling and pointing at the camera. (Raj is smiling from the backseat.)

On May 1, Raj had emergency surgery on his foot. He had developed a bacterial infection. Word was that the problem might be related to diabetes (if Raj has the disease) or gout.

Raj returned to court 2 days later wearing a blue foot protector (and a tie to match!)

In the middle of deliberations, the jury had to start over as an alternate was brought in. Below is the new juror on the subway.

After he was convicted, Raj's family friend was one of the first to exit. She rode away with Raj.

She was jostled and pushed over by photographers as she tried to enter the car.

Raj left minutes later. His press relations person guided him to meet with his lawyer, John Dowd.

Raj stood somberly for a few minutes while Dowd spoke. He took the guilty verdict relatively well, but he looked sad.

Here is Raj looking very sad as he enters his car.

Here's Jonathan Streeter, a prosecuting attorney. Look at that smile! What a difference from Raj's face.

Reed Brodsky, another prosecuting attorney, is psyched, too.

Here's Raj after he finally made it safely into his car.

Raj drove off in a S500 silver Mercedes. He has an electronic monitoring bracelet on. Will he run?

He's in better shape for it. Raj lost tons of weight over the course of the trial.

So the bad news is, he's going to jail. The good news is, he looks great!

Until today, one thing that hadn't changed was his smile, it hadn't faded. Here he is on day 1.

And here he is (with a female who acted like his bodyguard) smiling on Wednesday April 20.

Here's Raj on April 21st, still smiling. Today, he did not smile once.

There was no escaping today's verdict: Guilty as charged.

Now the Raj trial joins this list of infamous Wall Street cases...

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