A cult chicken chain that's taking over America just gained another key advantage

Hollis JohnsonRaising Cane’s
  • Raising Cane’s has faster drive-thru service than any other major fast-food chain in the US.
  • On average, customers wait just two minutes and 48 seconds from pulling up to place their order to receiving their food.
  • The chicken chain’s simple menu helps speed up service and has contributed to making Raising Cane’s the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the US.

The fastest-growing restaurant chain in the US also has the fastest drive-thru times.

Raising Cane’s topped QSR Magazine’s annual list of chains with the speediest drive-thru service. On average, customers wait just 168 seconds, or two minutes and 48 seconds, from the time they pull up to the order station to when they receive their food.

Raising Cane's 12Hollis JohnsonRaising Cane’s chicken sandwich

Raising Cane’s beat out chains including Dunkin’ Doughnuts, which landed in the No. 2 spot with an average wait time of 174 seconds, and Wendy’s, which was No. 3 with 180 seconds.

One of Raising Cane’s biggest advantages is its minimalist menu. In contrast to many rival chicken chains, Raising Cane’s boasts just four options, plus a kid’s combo.

This simplicity is helping the chain swiftly expand across the US.

Raising Cane’s increased sales by a whopping 25.9% in 2016, taking the top spot on Nation’s Restaurant News’ list of the fastest-growing chains by sales in the US.

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