How To Raise Your Kids Entirely Online

Technology has dramatically changed the way we live. 

From revitalizing the way we shop to altering the way we interact and keep in touch with people, technology has arguably changed our lives for the better.

And it’s also making life much easier for parents. There is an increasing number of startups and companies working on products that are geared toward parents and their children.  

Ubooly for when you want to play with your kids in a digitally interactive way

Ubooly is a Furby-like toy powered by your iPhone or iPod Touch, which fits right inside the stuffed animal.

The Ubooly iPhone app comes with games, stories, and jokes to help parents entertain their kids.

You might wonder why parents would want to give up their iPhones to their kids, but even with electronic recycling programs and buyback programs like Gazelle, there's a staggering number of people who still hold on to their old electronics. A recent Gazelle survey found that 51 per cent of smartphone users keep their old smartphones in a drawer or closet.

Cost: $29.99 for toy

Wittlebee takes the stress out of shopping for your kids' clothing

Wittlebee is a monthly subscription kids clothing club. Every month, parents receive six brand new items of kid's clothing -- a mix of tops and bottoms. Parents can pause or cancel their membership at any time.

Cost: $39.99 per month

Angelcare's baby monitor gives parents peace of mind

Angelcare's baby monitor detects and notifies you if your baby has not moved for more than 20 seconds.

The baby monitor comes with a mattress pad that senses when your baby moves, so you can easily determine if your baby is sleeping or awake. Like all baby monitors, it also provides two-way communication. It also alerts you if the temperature in the baby's room is too high or too low.

Cost: $146.87

Origami stroller for when you're walking about the town

At it's simplest form, Origami is a baby stroller.

But it's packed with high-tech features like power folding, lights to make sure you and your baby are always visible, and a digital dashboard that shows temperature, speed, and miles traveled. Oh, and it also has a place for you to charge your cell phone while you are on the go.

Cost: $849

White Noise Baby app helps you put your baby to sleep

With the White Noise Baby iOS app, parents can create a playlist of ambient sounds to help their baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

It features 15 ambient sounds, including that of car rides, classical music, and heartbeats. The app features a baby rattle for when you want to entertain your baby, and even offers some tips for parents about optimal room temperature, and safely using cribs, high chairs, and baby gates.

Cost: $0.99

Timbuktu is an iPad magazine that you read with your kids

Timbuktu offers a monthly digital magazine through the iPad. Built around a calendar design, Timbuktu suggests new activities for parents to do with their children every day. It's also full of stories, recipes, and maths problems for you to do with your kids.

Timbuktu is geared toward children aged seven to 12 years old.

Cost: Free

Sifteo are digital LEGO-like blocks full of interactive games

Sifteo cubes tap into all of your thinking skills to provide an interactive, engaging experience for you and your kids.

The cubes are pretty small, but are packed with a 1.7-inch touchscreen, accelerometer, proximity sensors, and a wireless radio to communicate with the Sifteo platform. Sifteo offers tons of word games, puzzle games, and more.

It's recommended for anyone from seven years and up.

Cost: $149

Ovuline is a fertility tracking software and pregnancy health monitor

Ovuline uses big data, wearable devices, and clinical guidelines to help women find the right time to procreate and make sure they're having a healthy pregnancy.

It offers fertility tracking and reminders, virtual doctors, and expert advice online and through its iPhone app.

Ovuline says its users conceive three times faster than the average woman in the U.S., taking roughly 56 days instead of 150.

Cost: App is free to download, but you have to purchase the Gold Access plan for $50 in order to access it.

Teaching your kids finances has never been easier with AgentPiggy

Agent Piggy is an online platform for teaching kids about financial management. With Agent Piggy, kids manage their allowance, learn how to budget, and even earn money through completing certain tasks.

Cost: Free to try. $55 per year.

WishPop's iPad app sends reminders, kids wishlists and thank you cards to parents and relatives

WishPop is an iPad app that lets kids create and share a universal wishlist and thank you cards with parent-approved family and friends. Wishpop is essentially a secure social network between kids and their family.

Cost: Free

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