San Francisco Activists Turned 85 Bank Of America ATMs Into ‘Truth Machines’ Last Night

While San Francisco was sleeping last night, members of the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), an activist group were out on the streets working on Bank of America ATMs.

And by work, we mean turning them into ‘truth machines,’ says SFist.

RAN members used stickers that look exactly like Bank of America’s ATM interface, but instead of asking users to choose ‘checking or savings,’ these stickers tell users about things BofA does like:

  • Invest in coal-fired power plants
  • Foreclose on America’s homes
  • Bankroll climate change
  • Fund executive bonuses

All in all, the group hit 85 ATMs, you can see a map of where they went here.

Also, you can get RAN’s perspective on the demonstration at a Tumblr called Bankrupting America. The aim of the site is to ask Americans — and this was on their stickers from last night — to “Stop doing business with Bank of America until they start behaving responsibly.”


“We’re using Bankrupting America to track all the ways BoA is bankrupting America, says the site, “hence the name. We’ve received so many submissions it’s clear to us that this website was badly needed. There are lots of grievances to be aired with regard to how Bank of America is conducting its business these days, as it turns out. (Not that that’s terribly surprising.)”

Here’s a shot of one of the ATMs via Bankrupting America:

bankrupting america truth ATM

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