You can make this stunning rainbow prism cake with just 5 ingredients

Hiroya TsunekawaThis beautiful rainbow prism cake only requires five ingredients.
  • You can create a stunning rainbow prism cake with just five ingredients.
  • Better yet? The cake, created by Japanese pop-up restaurant owner and photographer Hiroya Tsunekawa, takes just 30 minutes to make.
  • All you need is water, milk, granulated sugar, agar powder, and fruit juice or shaved ice syrup.
  • You can easily customise the prism cake by using different colours.
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There’s no shortage of incredible food trends on TikTok and Instagram. But many of them can be time-consuming, or require expensive ingredients.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to create something beautiful, and the proof is in this rainbow prism cake.

The stunning milk gelatin cake, created by Japanese pop-up restaurant owner and photographer Hiroya Tsunekawa, takes just five ingredients and 30 minutes to make.

All you need is: water, milk, granulated sugar, shaved ice syrup or fruit juice, and agar powder (which is available at Whole Foods, Walmart, and Asian markets).

Tsunekawa shared the recipe for his rainbow prism cake on Twitter, which was translated by SoraNews24.

First, combine 4 grams (0.14 ounces) of agar powder, 150 milliliters (5.07 ounces) of water, and 60 grams (2.12 ounces) of granulated sugar into a pot and bring it to a boil.

Turn off the heat when the mixture begins boiling and stir in 300 milliliters (10.14 ounces) of milk. Then, pop your mixture into the fridge so that it can harden into a gelatin. This will be the base of your cake.

Then, get a second pot and repeat the first step. But, instead of adding milk to the mixture once you’ve taken it off the heat, add another 300 milliliters (10.14 ounces) of water and 20 milliliters (0.68 ounces) of shaved ice syrup or fruit juice. Throw this second mixture into the fridge so it can harden as well.

Rainbow prism cakeHiroya TsunekawaCreate mixtures with different colours to help create the prism effect.

Depending on how many colours you want for your cake, repeat the previous step with different syrups or juices to help create the prism effect.

Each mixture should remain in the fridge for around 30 minutes so it can harden. Then, take your colourful mixtures and cut the gelatin into small cubes so that you can arrange them on top of the white gelatin base.

Rainbow prism cakeHiroya TsunekawaCut your different gelatin into cubes and arrange them on the milky white base, like so.

This creates a prism effect, as you’ll see once you’ve cut yourself a slice of cake. It tastes “sweet and creamy” but has a “jiggly texture,” according to SoraNews24.

Rainbow prism cakeHiroya TsunekawaThis rainbow prism cake just needs five ingredients.

Tsunekawa’s stunning cake has been a huge hit on Twitter, where his original post has received more than 78,000 likes at the time of writing.

He’s also inspired many fans to create their own prism cakes, which they have shown off in the comments.

Their photos are proof that the prism cake can still look beautiful, even if you only use two colours.

Tsunekawa, who is also a fashion designer, travels around Japan making cream soda and curry for his Tabi Suru Kissa (which translates to “Travelling Café”).

He calls himself a “cream soda craftsman” and said he dreams of opening a coffee shop one day.

In the meantime, Tsunekawa continues to share his soda creations through soothing videos.

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