The internet is going crazy over this neon rainbow bagel

If there’s one food New York City does right, it’s bagels.

Scot Rossillo, owner of the Bagel Store in Brooklyn, took the doughy staple to the next level, though.

Two decades ago, Rossillo came up with the idea of a rainbow bagel, and the beautiful creation is now going viral. This comes as no surprise, considering there is probably no other food as photogenic as this bagel, thanks to its incredible neon colours.

You can watch the full video of how the bagel is made here, but for now, here’s a quick preview.

First off, let’s just admire the dyed dough:

The process starts with some layering.

Then there’s the expert rolling technique, which looks a lot easier than it actually is.

The finished bagel is topped off with sprinkles and a schmear of Funfetti cream cheese, which is made with real pieces of cake.

NOW WATCH: People are losing their minds over the psychedelic rainbow bagel from Brooklyn

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