The US Open Course Is Totally Waterlogged Right Now — And It Might Actually Be A Good Thing For Players

us open merion course flooded monday

The US Open starts Thursday at Merion Golf Club outside Philadelphia.

The big story right now is the awful weather, and how it will change things this weekend.

The course was waterlogged today, causing officials to briefly halt practice rounds. More rain is expected today and Thursday.

The general consensus seems to be that the rain will actually make things easy for players. Merion is an exceptionally short course, so players should still have enough length regardless of how slow the fairways are. Ernie Els said (via Geoff Shackleford):

“You can put it in the fairway with an iron, from a 5‑iron for a 3‑iron, just putting it into play, and then you’ve got quite a short second shot. … You’re going to see a lot more birdies than ever at U.S. Open venues.”

It’s not supposed to rain after Thursday, so hopefully we can still get a Sunday finish.

Things aren’t looking so hot right now, though:

us open merion course flooded golf cart
us open merion course flooded puddle
us open merion course flooded hoses

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