Railroads And The Web


There has been increased talk about the Railroad industry of late.  A major reason for this chatter results from the Obama Administration’s vision to give 80 per cent of Americans access to high-speed rail within 25 years.  Even without this plan implemented, the railroad industry continues to thrive as trains often present the best option for commuters.  At the same time, the web can become an outstanding resource for railroads in a multitude of ways.

Obama’s plan as you can imagine has been widely debated across the web.  Many have applauded the plan as it would create jobs and speed up travel along the Northeast corridor.  However, others feel there are more important projects, such as rebuilding bridges, tunnels, and sewer systems which should be prioritised over high speed rail.  No matter what you believe, the web is here to offer a great forum for users to learn, research, and sound off about railroad topics such as these.

The most common “railroad related” way users utilise the web is to find the schedule for a given train route and book the ticket. Amtrak makes the process extremely simple as you can purchase your ticket online and then the ticket will print out of a kiosk when you arrive at the station.  It is often much less stressful to book a train ticket online as there is usually only one route you can take, whereas with the airline industry, you often have to compare and contrast several different airlines. The internet also provides fantastic information about the history of railroads and how they were utilized by Americans before commercial air travel was an option.

Our property, railroad.net is focused on bringing the world of railroads to internet users worldwide.  The site serves as an online museum of historical railroad photos allowing people to see what trains looked like in the past.  There are also tons of railroad articles with commentary on recent happenings and thoughts on the railroad industry overall.  Lastly, there is one of the most vibrant online railroad forums in the world with over 10,000 members discussing a wide variety of railroad centric topics.  The forum, for example, allows users to discuss hot button issues such as Obama’s plan along with other less heated topics such as new routes that Amtrak is opening up.

Riding the train is truly one of America’s favourite past times, and it is clear that it will continue to be in the future.  The high speed rail plans that the current Administration envisions will only add to the excitement of railroads in the U.S.  And the web will continue to be a platform for us all to discuss, learn about, and utilise railroads nationwide.