Rahm Emanuel Is Ahead In The Chicago Polls But May Not Have Enough Votes To Win

rahm emmanuel 1

A new poll in Chicago shows Rahm Emanuel comfortably ahead (and by a wide margin) over his primary opponents.  But the poll also shows Mr. Emanuel just below 50%. 

This detail is important because if Mr. Emanuel fails to win a majority of the total vote on February 22, he would have to run again against the second-place finisher in a “run-off” general election.  Run-offs are generally bad for front-runners because they allow the splintered opposition time and the chance to coalesce.

The Chicago Tribune/WGN poll shows Mr. Emanuel leading the race for mayor with 49%, followed by Gery Chico at 19%, Carol Moseley Braun at 10% and Miguel del Valle at 8%.

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