Here's Why Rahm Will Still End Up On The Chicago Mayoral Ballot

There has to be a way…

An Illinois appellate court panel voted (2-1) to remove former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel from the Democratic primary ballot for Mayor of Chicago, claiming that he fails to meet residency requirements.  The case now moves to the Illinois Supreme Court. Illinois Supreme Court justices are elected officials.  The current make-up is 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans.  Might they decide to uphold the appellate court’s ruling?

Unlikely!  The President of the United States is from Illinois.  So is his new chief of staff.  His name is Daley, a fact known to all of them. 

More important, the State of Illinois is broke. So is the city of Chicago.  In order to weather these crises, both the city and the state need help from the Federal government.  If the Supreme Court can’t find the legal reasoning to get Mr. Emanuel back on the ballot, then they don’t understand how politics works in Illinois.

All seven justices understand how politics works in Illinois.

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