RadioShack Has A Shockingly Suggestive New Ad [THE BRIEF]

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When you think sexually suggestive advertisingRadioShack isn’t the first company that comes to mind. And yet the electronics store came out with a commercial in which scantily clad women dance around with phallic shaped speakers by their open mouths. Robin Thicke sings the song “Blurred Lines” as the models dance in sexy nurse costumes and more. If you look up RadioShack’s hashtag for the campaign — #UWantIt — almost every commenter has noted that it doesn’t look like RadioShack is trying to sell speakers.

In one of the worst PR decisions of all time, a Missouri movie theatre decided to have costumed gunmen invade the “Iron Man 3” premiere — the costumed super hero was also there. Given recent tragedies, including the Aurora shooting during “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere, the theatre has since apologized on Facebook.

According to a survey the Association of National Advertisers’ financial conference in Arizona, 61% of agencies use performance incentivized payment packages.

Video tech company and authority on all things viral, Unruly, announced its acquisition of German social ad platform Shareifyoulike.

Adrants believes that every creative director should see “The Great Gatsby.”

These are the most popular branded Pinterest boards.

According to ComScore, eCommerce has hit the $50 billion mark.

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