Radiohead is 'disappearing' from the internet and fans are going berserk

Never trust a man in a bowler hat. Picture: Getty Images

Radiohead has erased itself from the internet.

Over the space of about three hours overnight, the band’s offical website started to fade away, tracked by excited fans on reddit:

Image: reddit

Here’s a screenshot:

Radiohead’s Facebook page:

And Twitter account:

So now the question is, why? The first answer to that is why does Radiohead do anything?

The band’s history is littered with offbeat stunts and stances, most notably the time they stunned the music world by letting fans pay whatever they felt was reasonable for their music.

The most likely reason is simply to promote their new album. In January, the band established a new company called Dawn Chorus, which also the name of a song by Boards of Canada.

Some fans are hoping the release is imminent, as the webpage “got lighter” in unison with, assumedly, dawn somewhere in the world.

Radiohead also has formed companies before the release of their two previous albums.

Interestingly, Radiohead’s Wikipedia page is still populated, but a note at the top suggests someone had been trying to edit it.

It’s been protected from editing until tomorrow.

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