Radiohead: Free Music Ends Dec. 10

Radiohead’s “pay what you like” experiment is coming to an end. On Monday, the band will stop giving away/selling digital copies of its “In Rainbows” album on its website. “A big thank you to everyone who came and downloaded the music. It’s been the most positive thing we’ve done and we hope you shared the experience with others,” the band says in a statement.

This isn’t huge news: The band had always planned on doing the variable/free pricing stunt as a limited-time event, and there’s zero chance that anyone Radiohead fan hasn’t heard about the promotion.

Next question: How many copies of the album can Radiohead sell now? At the end of the month the band will start selling discs, records and downloads “from traditional outlets.” Presumably that doesn’t include Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes store, since Radiohead doesn’t want to break its albums into individual tracks, and Apple insists on it. Update: Billboard reports that Radiohead and iTunes are “in talks”

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