A company making Bluetooth-enabled suitcases wants to solve your biggest travel problems

Having luggage that is both durable and functional can take your trip from stressful to seamless.

While travel bags can often be hefty and easily lost, a new company called Raden is aiming to change this by introducing a line of design-focused and app-connected suitcase.

“I used to work at Aldo and travel on a regular basis, and it was shocking to me to see how such a massive industry had somehow managed to stay untouched by modern technology,” founder and CEO Josh Udashkin told us regarding his motivation behind the bags.

Raden luggage purple
The 22-inch (left) and 28-inch (right) Raden bags. Raden

Raden’s line of bags, which launched at the end of March, are tethered via Bluetooth to an app that allows users to calculate the weight of their luggage and determine the best possible route to the airport.

The app also gives information on TSA wait times, flight status, traffic alerts, and weather conditions.

Radden app weight
Easily weigh the bag at home to know exactly how much room you have left. Raden

The bags are integrated with a 7,800 mAH battery, which means that travellers can even track their luggage if it does happen to get lost.

Raden app location finder
Track your bag’s location via Bluetooth low energy that is leveraged to create a GPS mesh network. Raden

The design incorporates Makrolon polycarbonate, allowing the luggage to weigh only 7.5 pounds (for the 22-inch) and 11.2 pounds (for the 28-inch) when empty.

They’re also completely washable.

Raden luggage interior
The interior. Raden

The bags were created by a team that includes product design and development people from Quirky, Bonobos, and Ammunition, as well as the designer behind Beats By Dre.

The project took roughly two years to launch. In June 2015, Raden closed a $3.5 million seed round led by First Round Capital and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. Rachel Zoe, Kal Vepuri, Silas Chou, and Pritzker Group also contributed to the funding round.

Group of raden luggages
Raden bags come in a variety of colours to select from. Raden

The suitcases are now available for purchase on Raden’s website, and they cost $295 for the 22-inch, $395 for the 28-inch, and $595 for a set including both.

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