Rackspace Goes Down: Customers Scream, Investors Yawn


Rackspace (RAX), the Internet hosting company, was down for a few minutes earlier today because of “a brief power issue which cause a network connectivity issue.”

On Twitter, customers were furious.

“RackSpace just went down AGAIN. For a ‘top tier’ host that we wind up paying way more for the same box as anyone else, this is ridiculous,” said one. “I can’t believe @Rackspace is down again!” said another. “man, @rackspace is down again. This may be the last time for us,” said yet another.

It’ll take a while to see what effects the recent outages will have on the company’s subscriber count and revenues. But today at least, investors don’t seem too worried. Rackspace shares are down 1.5% today, while the NASDAQ is down 1.9% and the Dow is down 1.7%.

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