A Person Is Using Tumblr To Get People Who Post Disgusting And Racist Comments Online Fired From Their Jobs

A new Tumblr is taking the internet by storm this holiday weekend, and its cringeworthy content is enough to give you a massive post-Thanksgiving day headache.

It’s called “Racists Getting Fired,” and the premise is exactly what you suspect it is: People who make racist comments on social media end up getting fired after this Tumblr’s curator finds their employer and contacts them with evidence of their racist remarks.


A young man who goes by VA Truck Driver on Twitter tweeted the following remarks about the riots that took place in Ferguson, MO last week.

He then continued his racist diatribe, bragging about how the “trolls” would never find out who he was.

But scrolling through VA Truck Driver’s tweets led to the following tweet from 2013:

That helped those behind the Tumblr page find his Facebook page, which also included the name of his employer.

After his employer was contacted, he tweeted that he had been suspended from work “without pay” and that he was “very sorry.”

There are more stories like that on the Tumblr, which you can see here >

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