Racist Slur Brings Scandal To James Packer's Barangaroo Development

Getty/Cameron Spencer

A senior NSW government executive has enraged activists by using a racist term in the middle of community talks over James Packer’s $6 billion Barangaroo development.

In a recent meeting about the development David McCracken, a senior executive of the NSW government’s Barangaroo Delivery Authority, flippantly used the term “nigger in the woodpile” causing an African-American member of the meeting to walk out, reported SMH.

Brigette Sancho, a community development manager at the University of Technology of Sydney, was disgusted with the language which has been seen as particularly inappropriate considering the meeting was held to discuss options for developing an indigenous cultural space at the centre of the casino development.

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported McMcraken “unreservedly apologised” for the racist slur regarding it a ‘out of character’ and is regretful for his comments.

The SMH has more.

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