It's Astounding How Much Rachel Sklar Does In One Day

day in the life rachel sklar

Rachel Sklar is busy. Really busy.

She founded Change the Ratio, advises companies including Hashable, serves as Mediaite‘s editor-at-large, and generally knows pretty much everyone in the New York media and tech world.

Recently, she took some pictures of her day. We got tired just looking at them.

Rachel, our willing and able guide.

Good morning - unless there is no Diet Coke. This is an artfully-styled version of what I wake up to every day: my computer, my iPad and Diet Coke (breakfast of champions!).

And my iPhone, of course, but I'm using it to take this picture. If I can, I like to work from home in the mornings -- it breaks up the day, and besides, showering can wait until I've sent a few emails.

I'm a proud denizen of the Lower East Side -- six years and counting. For most of that time my morning commute was quick jaunt west to Silicon Alley -- Broadway & Prince (HuffPo), Broadway & Broome (Mediaite), Broadway & Houston (still Mediaite).

Last January I started working with Hashable, a great startup with even better people -- and a very hip midtown address right in the middle of the Bead District. I had become a bit of a below 14th-street snob (shout out: early Lockhart Steele) but I've gotta say that I love it -- the far end of the 34th street subway stop is the cool end. Plus, easy walks to Shake Shack, General Assembly, Bryant Park, Times Square if you must, Grand Central, and a commute that makes Newark not only palatable, but preferable. I KNOW.

My apartment is a block and a half from the F -- just enough of a walk to count as exercise.

First stop: TechStars. I'm a proud TechStars Mentor and stopped by the office to meet with Wantworthy, the awesome company I'm advising.

Founders Lauren McDevitt and Josh Wais have created a bitchin' e-commerce site that hits me square in the shopping jones. Here we are discussion their strategy going into Demo Day as in the background TV reality star Dave Tisch schools some poor sap.

Still at TechStars -- I'm mentoring Wantworthy but there are a few other companies I like to check in with. Here I am with founder Shane Snow and managing editor Sam Slaughter of Contently, and their snazzy shirts.

I also said hi to Joe Cohen of CourseKit, who gave me a very soft shirt last time I visited, and Jonathan Slimak of Piictu, who included me in a meme last time I visited. Visiting TechStars is fun. But I should probably head to work.

Here I am at the Hashable office -- just a typical day, eating a cookie, getting flowers from a secret admirer. You know, standard start-up stuff.

(NB: I swear I did not know the flowers were coming on the day I happened to be chronicling for this.) As you can tell, ours is a casual office -- and on Tuesday, likely the last summery day of the year, I accordingly wore my last shorts-and-t-shirt ensemble of the summer. Hanging behind me you can see the purple blazer I'll wear later on to an event -- my heels are in my bag -- but until I can no longer get away with it, this is my go-to look. Revel in the glamour.

Here are my flowers up against the conference room window at my favourite view from Hashable: looking down 6th avenue. Eventually I figured out that you're supposed to take the wrapping off.

Yes, I am still at the Hashable office. This is a screenshot from the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign launch event, which I watched online.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Last year I was a big part of the campaign (see here) -- I posed with my cousin Suzanne, who was a two-time breast cancer survivor. Also involved in the campaign was Daily Worth founder Amanda Steinberg, who has become a good friend. It's a great cause -- I'll be wearing my pink ribbon all month. I thought this photo might get your attention.

Here's the Hashable dev team hard at work on our big product update

From front to back: designer Roy Stanfield (with the Diet Coke); Head of Engineering Todd Coleman (a standup guy, har har); senior software engineer Nick Pisarro, data scientist Emma Persky; Android developer Joe Lallouz; front-end wizard Angad Singh; VP of Product Teddy Jawde; iPhone developer Brandon Williams. From where I am standing, the dev team is to my left, and the pull-up bar is to my right. I will take a picture of me doing a pull-up when I can actually do a pull-up.

Skype coffee date with my good friend Kellee Khalil, founder & CEO of, poised to kill it in the wedding space. (I'm one of her advisors).

Ask her for a beta invitation here. Kellee was a Hashable Hashvangelist for SXSW, and everyone in the office loves her, so I took her over to say hi to the devs. That's Todd saying hi to her dog, Oliver, who is an adorable bundle of cuteness. Follow him on Twitter here.

During the day I am never far from my Siftee -- the Twitter client I use and depend on every day (and for which I am an advisor).

Here's a snapshot of what my Siftee can look like at any given moment -- here I'm checking my CTR file (Change The Ratio, yo) with a sampling of tweets from CityPockets founder Cheryl Yeoh and Honestly Now (two advisees of mine), the amazing Cindy Gallop (MakeLoveNotPorn), new Observer news editor Megan McCarthy, and Pipeline Fund founder Natalia Oberti Noguera and investor Kelly Hoey.

Anyhow, this is my desktop. In the top right-hand corner you can see what a learned Jew I am.

I'll wear a scrunchie as long as I can get away with it -- and when I can't, I will pop across the street to Jean Louis David for a blow-out.

I probably do this once every week or so, depending on my event schedule (or, if I'm lucky, I'll be doing TV and the pros at CNN will do it for me). I have curly hair, susceptible to Paul Graham's NYC humidity, so when I want to look sharp a blowout is the easiest way. This is but just one of the ways in which a woman spends money on taming, controlling and subduing her hair. Huge, huge market. But you knew that, didn't you?

Pro tip: shower in the morning then pull your hair back in a bun all day - it'll be just damp enough that you won't have to re-wash it. In and out in 20 minutes. Boom.

Back in the office for a group photo! I told them all I wanted a celebratory photo to commemorate Hashable hitting 15,000 Twitter followers, but actually I wanted at least one shot of me with good hair.

Just kidding. OR AM I???

L to R - Back: tough guy Nick Pisarro, founder & CEO Mike Yavonditte, Todd Coleman, Roy Stanfield, Brandon Williams, Angad Singh

L to R - Front: Emma Persky, marketing associate Francesca Krihely, me (with my flowers, natch), community manager Katie Felten.

Not pictured: Teddy Jawde, who said he didn't want to be in the photo... I hope he's not mad at me for posting this. (Hi Teddy!) I love working with my Hashable co-workers, they're awesome.

For some reason, Tuesday, Sept. 27th was one of the most over-booked nights I can remember.

My path, however, was clear: top priority was attending the launch party for Erin Burnett's new CNN show 'Out Front,' debuting on Monday. Now you know why I needed good hair -- a room full of perfectly-coiffed TV people can be very intimidating. If two blurry shots equals one good one, then please enjoy this photo of fellow Canadians Glynnis MacNicol, editor of BI's own The Wire, and CNN anchor and finance guru Ali Velshi, plus Piers Morgan exec producer Jonathan Wald.

Seen/chatted with: a double-fisting fellow Canadian Pat Kiernan; my old Mediaite pals Glynnis MacNicol, Steve Krakaeur, Colby Hall, Mark Joyella and Dan Abrams; another fellow Canadian Mort Zuckerman; surprisingly approachable titan of finance Jamie Dimon, who was the subject of a book written by my friend Duff MacDonald who is -- wait for it -- Canadian.

I highly recommend it. (If you haven't been able to tell by now, I am highly, highly affiliated.) Here I am onstage with Dan Rollman, founder of RecordSetter - an organisation predicated on the belief that all of us are the best in the world at something - getting ready to set a record for Most Apology Tweets Sent In One Minute.

Also, you might notice that I changed again - the blazer was hot, and I had an extra vneck in my bag, so I changed in the cab. Oh, like you've never done that before. New York women know how to get it done.

Here I am setting my record. Alas, I had to do it on a PC which had a weird-feeling keyboard. I only managed 8 apologies (this one was my favourite). Note my Siftee up on the screen in the background.

NB: This is where I was planning to have a photo of me and my Change The Ratio co-founder Emily Gannett, whom I was supposed to meet here, but she left before I got there (er, I was late). She was one of my apology tweets. It's sort of fitting, though, that there's no image to capture for Change The Ratio, since we do so much of our work quietly in the background. LIKE NINJAS.

With Glynnis walking down to the next location -- she's catching a cab home, I'm meeting up with a last-ditch crew at the Magician.

It's funny that my 'Day In The Life' day has so much of Glynnis in it - I used to see her every day when we were building Mediaite, and before that when we were working together at HuffPo. I see her much less now (especially since she started training for the marathon!) and I miss her. She's the best.

I'm here at the Magician to meet a gentleman friend, neither of which are these, er, gentlemen. Left: Nick Douglas. Right: Nick Rizzo.

Probably the most day-in-the-life thing I did all day: Ended the night at San Loco LES for a bean hardshell with guac and pico. I recommended that as a tip on Foursquare 30 months ago. A dietary staple.

End of the night self-photo. As you can see, I've already lost the blowout to humidity. Fine, Paul Graham, I will give you that. But *only* that.

Home, watching TechStars episode 3 on the DVR. I ended this day as I began it, with David Tisch. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

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